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Designs by Cyn
Cynthia  Bellamy - Owner & Designer
  • Real and Silk flowers
  • Arrangements, Bridal Bouquets, Centerpieces,  Corsages, Boutonnieres, Church Arrangements and more
  • 16+ years experience
What do you get when you combine a small town country girl from Louisiana who loved flowers and gardening, a tall handsome military man's drive for ambition, honor and discipline, yet has a love for being creative and artistic, and the city of Colorado Springs? The answer to that would be me, Cynthia. How is that you may ask? Well, how I came into the floral industry was based on my mother's love of flowers (a young Louisiana girl) and my father's artistic creativity (a young Army soldier). Colorado Springs comes into play because they met and got married here. Both of their traits have molded me to become a part of who I am today.
Doing something creative is a mental escape for me, I enjoy that. Whether it be cooking, jewelry design, or floral design. My mother would garden or work with her roses. That was her mental escape, her enjoyment. My father had a God given gift of being very talented and artistic with his oil paintings and sketches. Those genetic traits were passed down onto their three children. And I'm wanting to pass that artistry and love of florals onto you!
For me it came through later on in life when I least expected it. I never knew till after my mother had passed that she had always wanted to pursue her dream in starting a little floral shop. Who would have thought it would come out through me. I surely wasn't planning it, but I'm so glad it did and I enjoy it. I like colors that are different, unique, colorful, pleasing to the eye. Something that speaks to you and warms the heart. I hope I can create something for you.
Contact me at my email address:  [email protected]
Again, my mission is for you to have quality work, a pleasant experience, with a personal touch.
I try to make it my personal goal to make sure there's something personal or unique to the occasion you're wanting me to do. Be it a color, a memory, a flower,  or a cherisable item. I want to make sure I listen to your needs and wants. I hope I can be of service to you and make your occasion  special!

"She's passionate of her work and it comes from her heart."
Sherry Norrington, Waldorf, MD
"She's very passionate and creative when it comes to her work. She creates very unique and personalized arrangements her clients love and are very pleased with."
Elisha Kennedy, Sanford, NC
"Dedicated, professional, flexible, detail oriented, creative and insightful of customer's needs."
Cindy, ( a former Floral Manager) Colorado Springs, CO
"She puts her whole heart into her designs, a professional and takes pride in her work. She takes a personal interest in each design she does."
Marcia Toms, Pickerington, OH
"Cynthia has taken a dream and through her hard work and determination created a successful floral design business.  The bouquets that she creates are beautiful works of art.  The time and preparation that she puts into each bouquet is evident.  Each creation is unique and individually suited to each customer.  When choosing a floral designer you want someone who understands what you want and gives you so much more. "Designs by Cyn" should be your choice when planning your next event."
Kelly Hills, Colorado Springs, CO
"Loves to combine unique colors for beautiful arrangements that reflect the personality of her clients. Is very dedicated and enthusiastic about looking at every aspect of an event and making it special for all that attend."
Mary Havens, Monument, CO
"I have know Cynthia for over 18yrs as both a co-worker and a friend.  She has a great work ethic and will always do her very best on whatever job she is doing. Over the years she has become a accomplished floral designer. I have seen many of her beautiful creations that she has made for weddings, anniversaries, or other celebrations. Each one is custom made for her clients down to every detail. Cynthia always "goes the extra mile" to be sure that everything is in order and very special for each individual client. You won't get a better value for your money or a more caring person from anyone else."
Lu Petersen,  Colorado Springs, CO
"Her arrangements are beautiful, unique, colorful, she adds a personal touch and she cares."
Deb Perricone, Fountain, CO
"She very conscientious, detail oriented, hardworking, and adds a uniqueness not only to weddings but other events as well."
Kim Krueger, Colorado Springs, CO
"She has a good eye for color with real and silk arrangements. She made me a unique centerpiece for my kitchen that has brought me joy for many years and I never get tired of looking at it.  I would recommend her to friends and family."
Deb Henline, Monument, CO
"I've had the pleasure of viewing Cyn's creative work. She constantly comes up with new ideas. Cyn has a talent for design and by adding her own personal touch. Her work is unique and beautiful. She is detailed, conscientious, and passionate about her work. Anyone planning a wedding would be lucky to have Cyn create an atmosphere of such elegance and beauty."
Kelly Burnett, Woodland Park, CO
"Her arrangements are delightful and pretty. Her silk arrangements look so real! She's very artistic and caring. Even though I live in Dallas, TX, I still prefer to have my flowers down by Cyn."
Darlene Woods, Dallas, TX
"She has done excellent work for me on several floral arrangements in my home. She also did my daughter's wedding flowers back in 2001.  I am so pleased with her attention to detail and the great way she expresses her talent in the arrangements she makes. I would recommended her work to anyone who is looking for a great lady to make floral arrangements for any occasion.  She listens to what colors you desire and all the necessary information you need and goes from there. I have three arrangements in my home and have had numerous compliments on them. She has a sweet disposition and a caring attitude towards all her customers.  She would be the right gal for your flower arrangement (s)."
Pat Havens, Colorado Springs, CO
"Cyn brings creativity to everything she does.  Her insight and imagination will help you create your perfection to any event - big or small.  And her personal touch will keep you happy and coming back for each special occasion in your life."
Carrie Jansma, Florissant, CO
"Cynthia is a creative genius. I am not one who is always able to verbally relay what my thoughts are, but I was able to take a few ideas I had, communicate them to Cynthia and she was able to transform them into something magical. I knew I wanted something beautiful, yet not too feminine for my wedding. Above all, I wanted it to be different than what you would typically expect, without being tacky - what I got was more than I could have ever imagined! There was no doubt she poured her heart and soul into every detail in preparation for my wedding. Being the indecisive and last minute person that I am was never an issue for her. Did I mention that this wedding was planned in under 4 months? She never made me feel that I was inconveniencing her even when I'm sure that I was. She truly is a world-class professional. While I know she had other projects to work on, I was always made to feel like I was the top priority. She gave me options for everything that I requested and nothing was impossible. From last minute requests to fantastic ideas, she made it happen.  Working with Cyn made all my wedding stresses go away.  She went above and beyond for me and exceeded my expectations.  Not having a mother or a local friend to help me was a non-issue.  She easily filled both of those roles for me and I am forever grateful. My wedding day would not have been what it was, had it not been for Cynthia. On a scale of 1 to 10, she gets a 15 hands down. Words can not begin express the level of greatness that comes with the service that Cynthia provides.
Alysia Sisneros, (actual bride - The Cliff House Wedding 2011), Colorado Springs, CO
"In July of 2013, I hired Cynthia to plan and create floral arrangements for an outdoor wedding reception at our home. She did a professional job by creating all of the centerpieces for tables in our backyard. The pathway to the wooded backyard was tastefully punctuated with flickering lights in little jars hanging from sheperd's hooks. She even "dressed" up the trees with the photos of the bride and groom.  The thunderstorms that came through that afternoon merely highlighted the natural beauty of her arrangements.  She pays  a lot of attention to detail and creates arrangements that are unique and pleasing to the eye. We were very satisfied with the end product and so were our guests."
Shalini Fujimoto, Monument, CO
"How can I ever thank you enough! Cynthia did an amazing job, the time and energy along with the professional quality you provided for Britney's wedding was exceptional. The bride's bouquet was perfect, just what we asked for, as well as the bridesmaids flowers. The reception, again, everything you put into it made the tables perfect. They were beautiful! We told you what we wanted and you provided exactly that and more. Anybody that would want you to do a wedding or any other event would be getting everything and more from Cynthia.  You gave more than we even asked for!  Thank you for your professional and expertise job you provided for all the flowers as well as the reception."
Janis Titus & Britney Crump, (actual Mother of the Bride & Bride - The Garden of the God's Club Wedding 2014), Colorado Springs, CO
"I have seen Cynthia's floral creations and they are beautiful. Her creative talent shines through and her attention to detail is readily apparent in her work.Cynthia's creations reflect her clients with personal touches and an ability to uniquely capture the moment. Her passion, creativity and sense of color and style are just some of the reasons I would hire Cynthia for any occasion. Her ability to work with real and silk flowers is amazing and I would recommend her without reservation."
Alicia Badel, Colorado Springs, CO

"Cynthia I want to thank you for the beautiful flowers that you made for our daughter for her wedding. Her "Pride and Prejudice" theme was unique and the flowers that you put together made everything look beautiful! The detail that you put into her bouquet by  adding the little book and locket made her bouquet a one-of-a-kind. Thank you so much for making her day a day to remember."
Denise & Mark Curtis (actual Mother and Father of the Bride - The Pride and Prejudice Wedding 2016 - Rosemary Ridge Venue), Stillwater, OK

"Ever since I was little, I wanted Cynthia to do the flowers in my wedding-- she did not disappoint. I couldn't be happier and more thankful to Cynthia for making my wedding day even more beautiful by her flowers. Cynthia has the eye and the passion for anything flowers.  I told her and showed her my idea for the bouquets I wanted for my wedding, she took that information and blew me out of the water. She was quick, thorough and specific. She didn't let a detail go unnoticed. Most importantly, she was trustworthy. I knew the flowers were one thing that I did not have to think or worry about in the wedding planning process. It was also evident that she cares about her customers. Cynthia made sure she had all the information she needed in order to match the flowers to our wedding colors, which she matched perfectly!  I am so happy and satisified with Cynthia's work and highly recommend her for any of your flower needs!"
Taylor Bell (actual bride - The Pride and Predjudice Wedding 2016 - Rosemary Ridge Venue), Oklahoma City, OK

"Cynthia delivered very creative and beautiful arrangements for our church sanctuary! I would recommend her for any floral work."
Tresa Scholz (preacher's wife at Lighthouse Baptist Church), Colorado Springs, CO

"Cynthia's flower creations are beyond beautiful! I told her I was thinking of a certain flower idea for my wedding and she took that and ran with it. She continuously called and checked up with me to make sure I didn't change my mind about anything and to make sure I didn't have a change in any number of centerpieces. At the wedding she was there to help set up every table and she even brought her own little things to add to the decor.  I loved everything she did. She even stayed after and helped clean everything up. She was so very helpful. She definitely went beyond what I could have ever asked for!! My mother, grandmother and I agree that when she does something, she always does an amazing job. I can't thank you enough! I most definitely would recommend Cynthia  for any of your floral needs."    
Amber Schmoll (actual bride - The Woodland Park Wedding 2016 - Ute Pass Cultural Community Center), Woodland, Park, CO

"Cynthia designed the most beautiful arrangement for my sister's memorial service. During this very difficult time, she took the time and care to design the flowers to help us celebrate my sister's life. She chose the right flowers and colors to make the arrangement a reflection of my sister's style. My sister would have loved them. I can recommend Cynthia for any time you need flowers. Any occasion would be made more beautiful with her caring help.
Diane Gately, (sister's memorial service 2017) Colorado Springs, CO

"Mike and I were reflecting on the beautiful flower arrangements, decorations, and floral bouquets you created for Jean Liles wedding. Cynthia has a fine instinct for presenting balance, color, and floral design. Her arrangements didn't overpower the space, rather,  they provided a lovely understated elegance to the occasion. She even added a large decorated picture frame with flowers  over a fireplace mantel that was spectacular - one that the bride will treasure always. . We are very impressed with your talent."
Alice and Mike Bellmont, Longmont, CO